War Ruins. The City in American War Narratives

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le 25 janvier 2019
Amphi F417, Maison de la Recherche, UT2J


Chair: Lucie Jammes 

Keynote lecture - Kevin Powers: “The City is a Foreign Country” (author of The Yellow Birds)

10h30-10h45: Coffee Break

Chair: Nathalie Cochoy

Elisabeth Bronfen
 (University of Zurich): “Warsaw under Attack. The Entanglement of Documentation and Aesthetic Formalisation in the Hollywood War Film”
Benoit Tadié (Rennes 2 University): “From the Blackout to the Blue City: the Veteran’s Homecoming in Post-WWII Noir Fiction”

12h15-14h00: Lunch

Chair: David Roche

Thomas Constantinesco
 (Paris Diderot University): “Henry James, Invisible Wounds, and the Civil War”
Mehdi Achouche (Lyon 3 University): “From The Longest Day (1962) to Saving Private Ryan (1998): Steven Spielberg’s ambiguous aesthetics of warfare”

15h30-15h45: Coffee Break

Chair: Marie Bouchet 

Zachary Baqué
 (Toulouse-Jean Jaurès University): “Politicizing War Ruin in Vietnam Documentaries”
John Carlos Rowe (University of Southern California) : “‘Thank You for Your Service’: From Camilo Mejia’s al Ramadi, Iraq to Jason Hall’s Fort Riley, Kansas”


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