The Irish Against the War: Postcolonial Identity & Political Activism in Contemporary Ireland (Marie-Violaine Louvet)

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le 3 avril 2024
The purpose of the book is to explore and explicate the origins, evolution and mobilisation of anti-war activism in Ireland from the 1950s. The author applies postcolonial critical perspectives alongside social movement theory to define the multifaceted Irish approach to different international conflicts from the creation of the Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (1958) to the current war in Ukraine. Meticulously researched, the chapters develop an analysis of the anti-war activism in Ireland, be it at a local, national or supranational level, from political parties, trade unions and civil associations. The book casts light on the factors that structure the Irish domestication of the conflicts under study, be they historical and connected to senses of national identity in the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland, or strategic, diplomatic and religious.
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 A Conceptual Framework for the Study of the Irish Anti-War Movements
  • Chapter 2 Campaigning for Nuclear Disarmament: The Irish CND
  • Chapter 3 Protesting Against the Vietnam War in Ireland
  • Chapter 4 The Irish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament: A Rebirth
  • Chapter 5 Irish Activism Against the Gulf War (1990–1991)
  • Chapter 6 East Timor: Lobbying the Irish Government for Peace (1990s)
  • Chapter 7 Opposing the Kosovo War (1999)
  • Chapter 8 The Afghanistan War and the Birth of the Irish 
Anti-War Movement (2001)
  • Chapter 9 The 2003 Iraq War & Irish Politics
  • Chapter 10 Irish Civil Society Mobilized Against the 2003 Iraq War
  • Chapter 11 Epilogue
  • Concluding Remarks

The Irish Against the War: Postcolonial Identity & Political Activism in Contemporary Ireland. Marie-Violaine Louvet. Peter Lang, 2024.

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