Text and Image in Women's Life Writing (ouvrage co-dirigé par Corinne Bigot)

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le 17 janvier 2022
This book examines the relationship between words and images in various life-writing works produced by nineteenth to twenty-first century American and British women. It addresses the politics of images in women’s life writing, contending that the presence or absence of images is often strategic. Including a range of different forms of life writing, chapters draw on traditional (auto)biographies, travel narratives, memoirs, diaries, autofiction, cancer narratives, graphic memoirs, artistic installations, quilts and online performances, as life writing moves from page to screen and other media. The book explores a wide range of women who have crossed the boundary between text and image: painters who have become writers, novelists who have become painters, writers who hesitate between images and words, models who seize the camera, and artists who use the frame as a page.

Claire Bazin, Corinne Bigot, Valérie Baisnée, Stephanie Genty et Nicoleta Alexoae-Zagni. Text and Image in Women's Life Writing: Picturing the Female Self  (Palgrave Life Writing Series), Palgrave MacMillan, 2021.

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