Researching the Influence of Feminist Film Theory on 21st Century Films and TV Series

Publié le 27 octobre 2021 Mis à jour le 27 octobre 2021
du 18 novembre 2021 au 19 novembre 2021 UT2J, Maison de la Recherche, D29
This symposium examines the influence of feminist film theories and intersectional feminist theories on feminist films and TV series produced in the English-speaking world of the 21st century. The main objective is to acknowledge how the works of feminist scholars and feminist film scholars have influenced filmmakers and screenwriters (Radner and Stringer 2011; Roche 2014 and 2018; Maury and Roche 2020), and pursue inquiry of cross-fertilization between films and series, and feminist (film) theory. We hope this symposium will ultimately contribute to paving the way to a heightened visibility of feminist films and the research thereof, in the wake of Ruby Rich’s call (1978) to name feminist practices in order to counter the “lack of an adequate language [which] has contributed to the invisibility of key aspects of our film culture – an invisibility advantageous to the prevailing film traditions”.

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